RST University in Brief

Al-Ryada University for Science and Technology (RST) is the first private university in Sadat City, Menoufia Governorate, which is in the most prominent areas of the city in the central axis, to be a great addition and to provide integrated educational services. The university's area is 35 acres, equivalent to 150,000 square meters, which includes many majors that students need and includes 9 Faculties, according to the Presidential Decree No. 445 of 2021

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Our Faculties


60% of the construction has been completed and the opening year is 2023. With three Faculties:

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Physical Therapy

Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Sadat City is on its way to the future due to the integration of services, especially educational services with the presence of the university, as we are keen on the future of our youth, which will work to accelerate the movement of development and urbanization in the city in general and the neighboring areas, especially the Golden Zone.


Academic Year 2024 - 2025

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