The Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Ryada University for Science and Technology aims to qualify dentists with distinguished scientific, cognitive and professional capabilities who are able to provide distinguished medical service by providing graduates with distinguished competence and specifications characterized by skill and the ability to self-learn and scientific research directed to serve segments of society under the umbrella of Adherence to infection control standards and dental ethics


Local and international leadership in the field of dentistry in education, scientific research and community service.

Strategis Goals

1. Preparing a dentist capable of systematic, logical thinking.
2. Raising the academic level of students by providing an advanced educational program.
3. Providing distinguished therapeutic service in all dental specialties.
4. Preparing a base for scientific research in the fields of integrated dental health care.
5. High-level community participation through an advanced plan for community service and environmental development.

Why study in faculty of dentistry

Al Ryada university for science and technology
The dental program is designed to achieve the main goal of the faculty to have a skilled graduate with sufficient knowledge, clinical expertise and ability to update his/her career to meet the accelerated challenges in modern dentistry
Students can also join training courses on digital dentistry that enable them to be expert in cad/cam technology and laser application, 3d printing being up todate with modern concept of cosmetic dentistry through smile design

Meet your expectation

Students at faculty of dentistry enjoy studying the modern integrated curricula of basic, medical and dental sciences that enable them for professional career development.
Curricular design matches the international standards of graduate attributes based on competencies of dental graduates all over the world. The faculty is equipped with up todate facilities enabling the students performing
Their study in a team work atmosphere under supervision of academic expertise. The university allows students to remotely access the electronic learning management system for online support material and education.

Career opportunities

Career of dentistry was and still one of the most professions that matches and enhances the criteria of modern life.
Dramatic changes occurred allover the world in dental care and implementation of moden digital dentistry enable graduates of dental schools in general and our graduates in particular to match the criteria needed for labor market that focus on enhancing the life style of individuals particularly the esthetic profile through offering a group of digital solutions in orthodontics, restorative dentistry prosthetic and maxillofacial surgery surgery.
Graduates of faculty of dentistry at RST have a great chance to share the labor market nationally, regionally as well as internationally in an effective way.

Build up your career

Our unique dentistry program enables graduates to be competent dentists with critical thinking life-long learning and social skills to be responsible practitioners of general dentistry.
Clinical skills are gained through application of comprehensive care clinic approach that matches the global modern concept of dental care.
After completion of five academic years, graduates join a one year (12 month) internship compulsory advanced clinical training to gain their license as certified dentist.

Study Plan

The duration of study in the faculty of dentistry is five academic years in ten semesters
Covers the basic science curricula and introduction to dental morphology and biomateria ls
Includes medical science together with biology of oral and dental tissues
Preclinical courses that focuses on dental technology with laboratory training on dental simulators besides basic dental sciences of pathology and radiology
Clinical courses that enable students to saint clinical skills for various dental specialties
Clinical dental courses include comprehensive dental care of restorative dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation


Academic Year 2024 - 2025

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