Transportation service at Ryada University for science and technology

Ryada University for science and Technology provides transportation service for its students by contracting with one of the companies providing this service under the following conditions:
  • The transportation line will be operated from Ryada University for science and Technology to any location if the minimum number of students participating is available to operate one of these lines, meaning that the university has a contract with a transportation company that can provide buses of 14 passengers, 26 passengers, 32 passengers, and 50 passengers.
  • The line that has the minimum number of any bus is operated. Note: Transfer fees vary according to the length of the trips.
  • Modern, safe means of transportation are equipped with the Internet, tracking service, and cameras to follow the route of the buses throughout the trip.
  • The buses are also provided with supervision and follow-up from the university at all times.
  • We emphasize that transfer fees vary by the length of the line and the duration of the trip. No line will be operated unless there are a sufficient number of students to operate any bus on this line.
  • It is possible to study operating some lines weekly at the beginning of the week and returning at the end of the week if there are enough subscribers to operate a bus for this service.
  • Transportation fees are payable in full each semester.
  • The university informs its former students who subscribed to the university’s transportation service last year that they will enjoy a 10% discount on the total semester fees.
  • For more information, please contact the Transportation and Movement Officer at Ryada University for Science and Technology, Mr. Ahmed elshobaky – Mobile number: 0000000


Academic Year 2024 - 2025

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